Prorep Redux

Prorep Redux

After almost five and a half years of this site being dormant I decided to use it for testing WordPress designs for Peachtree Webs. But the question arises “since the site has been dormant so long, why not shut it down and start a new domain more appropriately named.” Well the short answer is that […]

Welcome to Prorep!

Prorep has been around the internet since the summer of 1996 – a very long time in internet years – check out the web archives here (not pretty in those days) . How we started out and continued is a story (epistle) for the about page when we get around to doing it. We are […]

Peachtree Webs

The start of Proreps new sister company, Peachtree Webs. Peachtree Webs develops and also host small businesses on their servers. Their primary customers are local small businesses. While internet based signups will be gladly accepted they will not be encouraged or promoted. The goal is a hosting environment that is closely managed with no oversold […]

Prorep reinvented!

After 11 years of being the website as a manufacturers’ representative for companies such as Yokogawa Digital Computer, Orion, Hitex and others we are changing our direction. The next coming of the web is now and that is where we are targeting. We think the days of static web sites are waning and a surge […]