Welcome to Prorep!

Prorep has been around the internet since the summer of 1996 – a very long time in internet years – check out the web archives here (not pretty in those days) . How we started out and continued is a story (epistle) for the about page when we get around to doing it.

We are now starting out in a new venture – testing, prototyping, and development of iternet/intranet sites and products primarily based on the Joomla! CMS. We started out 6 months ago developing a new hosting and development business called Peachtree Webs to host and develop websites for local small businesses. During that period we came to the conclusion that the days of static websites were fading and as a result will be converting the Peachtree Webs site to a dynamic one based on the Joomla! engine as soon as we can.

There are a number of Content Management Systems available but we chose to begin with Joomla! because it is open source – which means development, bug fixes and support is supported by a world wide community rather than a commercial product that mainly only gets updated ever 5 years or so such as Internet Explorer (lets take a moment of silence to give thanks that IE6 is beginning to fade into history since it looks like IE7 is close to complient).